Monday, June 5, 2017

Weekend Photos 2


A unique thing about the human race is just how different each and every one of us are. An example of just how different each individual person is by their own bad habits. Everyone has their own bad habits they would like to change. In this project, I took the time to photograph and ask what bad habits my friends, family, and acquaintances have. 

Lucas L'Esperance
Age: 16
"Biting my nails. I gotta stop it because it looks disgusting when I do it in public."

Connor Scott
Age: 17
"Being lazy because I don't get anything done."
Age: 50
"I eat too much food. In Italy, we have a big appetite so we eat lots of foods that aren't necessarily good for you."

Age: 16
"I want to stop overthinking things because it seems to get me into trouble."

Emily (analysis) Anasis
Age: 16
"Not being over-dramatic about things because I always end up making it worse"

Luke Fadling
Age: 18
"Procrastination. I always seem to put stuff off to the side and do everything the last minute. I loose sleep because of it."

Odon Alberto
Age: 17
"Posting too much on Twitter because it takes up a lot of time."

Kien Nguyen
Age: 17
"Not stuttering, because I need to start speaking in public without appearing to be nervous."

Brandt Goetz
Age: 17
"Not balancing out my priorities. I tend to spend too much time with friends and not with school."

Melinda Biehler
Age: 50
"I would like to stop worrying about the small things, because it can get in the way of me being happy."